Cher's Latex & Miniskirt Would Make Girls in Their 20s Blush

CherCher has a new album, a new face (well, kinda looks different), and she's putting on some new concerts. So time for a new outfit! The 67-year-old mom wore ... a tight latex shirt and a miniskirt! Okay, after everything Cher said about Miley needing to clean up her act, isn't this kind of hypocritical? I mean, Cher is almost 70 for god's sake! Wear something appropriate, Cher! You know, like a crinoline skirt. A petticoat. Something like that. Hahaha, kidding, y'all. Cher looked amazeballs!!!!


So maybe (maybe? haha) Cher has had some work done. But LOOK. You don't "work" on the legs other than exercising. There are no leg surgeries that I'm aware of. Cher has the legs of a teenager! That's working out, folks. Miley only wishes she had Cher's legs.

And her waist? Her boobs? Still lookin' awesome.

I mean, can you believe this woman belongs to the AARP?!!

This isn't the first time Cher has worn something more appropriate for a 16-year-old. Remember those supertight leggings she poured herself into a year ago? It totally showed off her (fake?) butt. I don't know if she was wearing some kind of butt-plate, but Kim Kardashian's ass could take some lessons from Cher's ass! Kim's ass would be all, "Cher, how do I keep myself looking like that at 70?" And Cher's ass would be all, "Kim's ass, you don't look like me now."

Maybe it's all those poltergeisty visits from her ex-husband, Sonny. He keeps her running around her house, turning the lights off that his ghost has turned on.

Let this be a lesson to all ladies out there: Wear what you want. If you look good, you look good.

And Cher .... she looks gooooood.

Do you agree?

Image via Splash News

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