Mariah Carey Tweets a Naughty, Stylish Surprise for Hubby Nick Cannon (PHOTO)

mariah carey Mariah Carey holds a special place in my heart. The woman is like a living, breathing Lisa Frank character. I would be so not surprised to enter her home and find it full of hearts floating in the air and also pink dolphins with eyelashes. Suffice to say, she is a character.

Her marriage to Nick Cannon has been a definite source of amusement. It's easy to be like, "Whaaaat the heck" about them as a couple. But it's easier to be like, "Ah, Mariah being Mariah and Nick Cannon reaping all the benefits." It brought us #dembabies so it can't be bad.


That said, this doesn't mean I ache to know every moment that passes between the happy duo. Like, for example, what happens in their boudoir. Clearly they are intimate with one another (see the aforementioned #dembabies). But I don't want to know about how frisky they get underneath the sheets!

Mariah cares not for my prudery. To celebrate Nick Cannon's birthday, she donned a black lacy bra and draped a white button-down shirt over her shoulders. Then she snapped a quick pic and posted it to Twitter. Because she's classy and romantic, guys.

Still, for all my blushing, I have to give the woman props. She's bringing sexy-secretary back! I mean, I don't know that it's actually gone anywhere, but there's something of a statement implied when such a total diva goes the business casual route with her hot-bod pics.

Do you think her sexy look is weird or totally works?

Image via Instagram

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