'Teen Mom 3' Star's Bizarre New Tattoo Is a Massive Mistake (PHOTO)

tattooIf you were to get a tattoo, what would you get? And if you already have a tattoo, what's it of? If you happened to answer "an angry demon surrounded by flowers," you either would get along great with Teen Mom 3 star Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy, Matt McCann. Or you are Matt McCann. If you answered the latter, hi Matt!

Matt recently debuted the beginning stage of a tattoo on his forearm, which, yes, is a demon + flowers, and while I do love me a dude with ink, I've gotta say: Not feelin' this one. Perhaps it's because it's only, as Matt put it, "session one" complete, but I don't know, this just isn't doing it for me. I know they're completely played out, but maybe a skull would have been a better way to go.

But. Speaking of bad idea tattoos, Matt's fiance, Lekota Koch (who, by the way, bought the tat for Matt), got a drawing of Peter Pan permanently etched on her body, because "Matt is her lost boy." And then Matt's supposedly going to get one of Wendy to reciprocate the sentiment. Cute? Or "totally going to regret in 40 years"?

I hate to be a killjoy here, but judging by the track records of most of the Teen Mom stars, I'd be puh-retty surprised if these two love birds were still together when they're old and gray. So hopefully Lekota is as big a fan of the J.M. Barrie book as Matt is of angry, floral-loving demons. 

What do you think of Matt's tat?


Image via Matt McCann/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Elizabeth Mende

Not loving it at all, but I'm not a big fan of this guy anyway.

A-non... A-nony-mous

So tired of people judging other people's tattoos, especially on websites like this that try to pass themselves off as pseudo-journalistic / professional blogger types. If you don't like the tattoo that's entirely your right, but neither of them got the tattoo for you or anyone else's approval. There are millions of tattoos out there that I don't like, should I start up a blog and write a post about every single one of them? Tattoo shaming is the new slutshaming, with everyone clammering to tell everyone else that they'll regret 100% of their tattoos no matter what they are.

nonmember avatar Bud Light

Lol Tattoo shaming? Everyone has a damn tattoo nowadays! Like really, everyone. And this BS thing you're saying about judgy people is crap, honestly no one cares how much "ink" you have!! Get over yourself..

EmmaZate EmmaZate

Tattoos aren't mistakes. Get off your high horse. Everyone chooses what is right for their life.

mlg1989 mlg1989

Clearly the author of this article has never seen a traditional Japanese tattoo before.

Shannon Valentine

Clearly not everyone read the entire article..she's not shaming tatoos!

Haley Christmas

i like it..just not finished yet..

Mistw... Mistweave

Ok point #1 that is an oni and there are a lot of them being made into tattoos now.

Point #2 who the hell are you to judge what he puts on his body?  I have tattoos and I drew every one of them and they represent important events in my life so I couldn't care less if someone likes them or not.

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