Nicole Kidman's Midriff-Baring Dress Is Totally Out of Character for Her (PHOTO)

Nicole KidmanUhhhh, yowza! Check out Nicole Kidman's midriff-baring halter dress, which she wore for the 2013 Hauding Awards Opening Ceremony in Macao, China yesterday. Damn. She's showing some serious skin!

On the arm of Jackie Chan, she looked all kinds of sexy and revealing. Then you realize you're looking at a picture of Nicole Kidman, not Miley Cyrus, and suddenly the gown goes from sultry to quite shocking.

And even though it's tough to tell from this photo, she also had a bit of the side boob going on, yet another thing that typically isn't associated with Nicole Kidman.


Usually she goes for a much more mature, elegant, covered-up, and sometimes matronly vibe. So it seems a little odd that she suddenly showed up at this particular event and let it all hang out.

Again, it's not that she doesn't look stunning, because she does -- but what on earth possessed her to show this much skin this time around?

Maybe she's having a little bit of a mid-life crisis. (Join the club, Nicole.)

Or perhaps she figured she was all the way over in China, so there would be less of a chance of her picture being plastered all over the place wearing this frock. (Yeah, that didn't work.)

Or maybe, just maybe, she's sick and tired of looking reserved and wanted to make herself stand out for a change, which is something she obviously succeeded at.

Whatever her reasoning, this look certainly worked for her. But something tells me it will be quite some time before we see this much of Nicole again.

What do you think of Nicole's dress?


Image via Lam Yik Fei/Getty

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