World's Grossest T-Shirt Is So Inappropriate It Will Probably Sell Out (PHOTO)

period t-shirtI've seen plenty of gross t-shirts in my day. Band t-shirts with guts and gore. Tees with curse words on them. I live in Brooklyn. There are hipsters everywhere wearing these kinds of t-shirts. I'm all for expression. I wouldn't consider myself a prude. But something about this t-shirt from American Apparel has me a bit perplexed. Part of me hates it. A little part of me loves it. 

Prepare yourself before viewing the whole thing.


Introducing The Ardorous X American Apparel Period Power Washed Tee that can be yours for just $32. Unisex. Guys?

american apparel period t-shirt

I believe there are plenty of reasons to celebrate our periods. It could be that sigh of relief that we're not pregnant. It's just so womanly. It means we can still reproduce -- ovulation is near! It gives us that excuse to eat the whole package of Double Chocolate Milanos. But a t-shirt with that watercolor red dripping out of a hairy vagina on a t-shirt? Eh. I don't know.

What exactly is this ombre nail polished hand doing anyway? I know what it looks like she's doing, but is that what she's doing? Ah yes, yes it is. I appreciate the full '70s bush. I really do. But I'm scratching my head. And I'm confused. 

Artist Petra Collins is behind this artsy "self pleasing" design. (Having an orgasm during your period does help reduce cramps.) The 20-year-old draws portraits mostly exploring "female sexuality and teen girl culture." She also works at American Apparel as contributing photographer.

People are going to buy this t-shirt. Many, many people. Buzzfeed calls the collection "very American Apparel." And it certainly is. I think we are a desensitized nation. Or maybe we just push that proverbial envelope much further than when I was a young'un wearing edgy clothing. Kudos on those ombre nails though.

What do you think of this t-shirt? Would you wear it?


Images via American Apparel

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