Open-Toe Booties Are Hideous and Wrong

peep-toe bootieI miss the long days of summer, but fall is a lovely season: Not only is it gorgeous outside, and not only does pumpkin make its big return, but it means boot weather! I love many styles of boot, from tall riding boots to sexy little booties, but one boot I do not understand  -- nay, I fear and loathe! -- is the open-toe bootie.

Why does this abomination exist?!


First of all, people, isn't one of the best things about boots that you don't have to worry about your pedicure? I mean, aren't we supposed to get a break from having cute toes over the winter, unless we're wearing some crazy strappy high heels to a holiday party?

Also, I am a fan of boots in general because, for the most part, they are comfortable as well as cute. Of course, there are high-heel boots that are not as comfortable as, say, a nice, worn-in pair of Frye boots, but I tend to gravitate toward chic yet wearable boots. Boots you can tramp around in all day and not end up with wet, cold, or miserable feet.

Open-toe booties do not look comfortable. Not all all. And this isn't just because open-toe booties always seem to have spiky, stiletto heels, but because YOUR TOES ARE STICKING OUT. Aren't those poor toes cold? Don't we wear boots when it's chilly outside, not hot? You can't wear tights or socks with open-toe booties, right? Maybe you should, because at least then you'd escape the number one reason why open-toe booties should be retired forever and ever ...

Pig. Feet.

Yes, I said it. Toes sticking out of booties look like pig toes. Don't they? Is it just me? It's not just me. I know it's not. These booties are supposed to be super sexy and saucy, and all I can think when I see someone wearing them is "cloven hooves."

What do you think? Am I crazy and open-toe booties are uber chic? Or do they make everyone look like they have freezing cold pig toes?


Image via Nordstrom

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