Miley Cyrus Wears Super Short White Shorts -- Or Is That Her Underwear? (PHOTOS)

Miley CyrusDid you happen to catch Miley Cyrus' Today performance this morning? If not, then you probably did your eyes a favor, considering the outfit she chose to wear in front of all the fans gathered in Rockefeller Plaza.

I have one key question here -- are those shorts, or some sort of fancy pair of granny panties, and are they made out of toilet paper?!?

Ok, so I know this is Miley and we shouldn't be all that shocked that she showed up on stage wearing shorts that are roughly the size of a handkerchief.

But still -- doesn't it seem a little bit outlandish even for her, given that her butt was hanging out of the back of the shorts and all?


Oh yes, it was. Feast your eyes.

Miley Cyrus 

Ugh. Miley, Miley, Miley -- what the hell was going through your mind when you got dressed this morning?!? You did ok with the top. You really did. And the chain around your neck is particularly appealing.

Back to the shorts -- why, Miley ... WHY?

Sigh. I know she's young and has a great body and zero cellulite and can more than pull off wearing shorts that don't come close to fully covering her bottom half. But why doesn't she realize that she doesn't have to wear stuff like this to look sexy and current? By repeatedly wearing revealing outfits, she's only cheapening herself, which is something that's just so tough to understand.

And I know, I know -- this is Miley Cyrus and she "can't stop" and she "won't stop."

But she has to stop. Our eyes can't take much more.

What do you make of Miley's get-up this time around?


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