Disgusting Beauty 'Secret' Is Something You Usually Flush Down the Toilet

beautySome of us are willing to try just about anything to turn back the hands of time, but one 63-year-old woman's trick for maintaining a youthful appearance definitely isn't for the squeamish.

Seriously -- what I'm about to tell you might make you lose your lunch.

Sylvia Chandler drinks her own urine up to three times a day. She credits the "beverage" with keeping her young, healthy, and full of energy. Oh, and aside from chugging it, she also washes her hair with her pee and puts it on her face in lieu of moisturizer.

Excuse me while I pause to throw up in my mouth a little bit.


Um, is this the most foul thing you've ever heard of as far as anti-aging secrets go or what?

But what's really nuts about the whole idea is that "urine therapy" actually doesn't sound all that hokey when you sit down and think about the scientific part of it all.

Supposedly urine is great for your skin because it contains hormones produced by every organ in your body -- and it's especially beneficial if you drink it first thing in the morning after they've built up overnight. And supposedly smearing it on your skin or ingesting it can even treat conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema -- that's how potent the stuff is.

Huh. So I guess there's a possibility that this actually works -- but there's no way in hell I can bring myself to take a sip of my own pee, let alone down a whole glass of the stuff. And I'm not applying it as a moisturizer either because ... well, would you want to smell urine on your face all day long? (Eww.)

I mean, I guess if you're really big on the whole natural anti-aging route, this might be an option for you -- but I'm fully prepared to accept crows' feet, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and everything in between as opposed to peeing into a cup and drinking it.

Hmm. The longer I think about this concept, the more comfortable I am with aging gracefully even if it means I wind up looking like an old hag by the time I'm 50.

Would you ever drink your pee to look younger?


Image via Henry Arden/Corbis

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