Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Character Hannah Is Headed for a Fashion Revolution

hannah horvath girls season 2Lena Dunham gets a lot of flak for, well, just about everything she has done off-screen (well, that Prada floral tablecloth dress she wore to the Emmys was a HUGE misstep) and on-screen in her HBO show Girls. And one of the biggest complaints is the actress's penchant for short dresses, short shorts, unattractive underwear, mesh tanks, all manner of pajamas, and worst of all, onesies made for grown-ups. In other words, I wouldn't be surprised if there is an entire Facebook group dedicated to seeing Lena just put on some freakin' PANTS!

Well, anyone who falls into that category, today's your lucky day! Lena just told WWD her character, Hannah Horvath, is going to have  a wardrobe evolution of sorts in season 3 ...


Lena explained:

I made a decision that Hannah was going to wear more pants. I’m not going to say they’re flattering pants, but she’s moving in a more ‘Annie Hall’ direction, and in a less Mormon-housewife direction.

Haha! Awesome! See -- this is even more proof that Girls is pure genius. Hannah's not gonna become a Carrie Bradshaw fashion icon overnight, but she is going to start dressing a bit more like an adult. That's because the character's slowly but surely growing up.

Like it or not, I would venture to guess Hannah sported the hell out of those little girl dresses and other garments that looked more like costumes or play clothes-for-hipsters, because Lena and the costume department were underlining Hannah's immaturity. Hellooo! There's a rhyme and reason for everything! And yes, that includes even these fugly cinnamon-hued floods it appears Hannah will be wearing at some point in 2014.

How do you feel about Hannah's wardrobe on Girls? Do you agree it's a metaphor for the character's personal growth?


Image via HBO

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