Makeup-Free Kate Upton Totally Doesn't Look How You'd Think (PHOTO)

kate uptonWhen I saw the headline this morning that screamed at me, almost violently, "Kate Upton Without Makeup!" I thought, "Yawnfest 2013." I've seen Kate Upton a million times and she's definitely one of those women who looks exactly the same with or without makeup. She's stunning. End of story, kthnxbai. But when someone appeared from under my desk and held a gun to my head, forcing me to click on the story, I was surprised. You guys: Kate Upton has acne.


I feel kinda bad pointing this out, because why knock Kate Upton, right? She seems like a perfectly nice woman who's never done anything to make people not like her. But the more I thought about it, I realized, "Hey! This might make the non-Kate Uptons of the world feel pretty good about themselves." Stars! They are just like us! Sometimes.

I have a feeling this just happened to be a particularly bad skinned day for Upton, because typically you can tell when a celeb has a poor complexion -- makeup can only do so much. And I also have a feeling she's eternally grateful to the paparazzi who snapped this shot of her. What girl doesn't like being photographed with a face full of zits?

Are you surprised by this photo of Kate Upton?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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