Kim Kardashian Flaunts Serious Cleavage in World's Lowest Cut Dress (PHOTO)


kim kardashianWhoa, sexy mama! Since she's been tooling around Paris during Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian has kept it relatively modest in the clothing department. (Okay, except for that sheer, body-hugging Givenchy number.) She's been spotted in an oversized camel-colored trench coat; jeans and a button-down jean shirt (AKA, the Texas Tuxedo); and leggings, you guys. But on Tuesday, Kim changed it up a bit, opting for pasties over her nipples, along with a skirt. Okay, Kim didn't wear pasties, but she left .0001 percent to the imagination in her crazy low-cut dress. Yowza!

Now, Kim is a gorgeous woman with a body to die for (those curves!), but this is a tad too much cleavage for my taste. The dress is beautiful, but it may have been better suited on someone who isn't as well-endowed as Kim. She's pretty much wearing the equivalent of a bikini top. I'm all for flaunting it if you've got it (and Kim's definitely got it), but I'm also all for displaying a little mystique (and Kim's definitely not displaying any mystique).

Maybe she just got really excited to be out at fancy events, all gussied up, after lying around in sweatpants with North for months, and got a little carried away? Maybe mommy brain is clouding her judgment? Or, I guess, maybe she just really liked the way she looked in this dress? Can't really hate on the girl for that. Different strokes!

What do you think of Kim's dress?


Image via Splash News



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the4m... the4mutts

THAT is Kim??? Wtf did she do to herself? She looks terrible! I wouldnt have known it was her, had you not said so.

nonmember avatar blue

Her boobs look so implanty. Surely, she was large enough before?? Maybe it's just the picture, but I can see the edges of implants. She's so pretty, I'm not sure what she has done to herself lately. She looks strange.

Lobelle Lobelle

She looks awful here... The blonde looks bad, the outfit does not suit her body type and you can see she's had more work done on her face.

Joyce Stafford

She had to wear something to distract from her messed up face and ridicules hair! Girl looks jacked up

Jane Fyfe

tacky and slutty........

Melissa Woodhull

Eish =/ I have to say this is not my favorite look on her. I think her body looks great especially after having a kid, but this isnt the kind of dress someone wears who has a little more meat. This would be better for a thinner person (size 4 or lower) and one with a little less boobage!

nonmember avatar martha

oh please kim didsmart lipo I gave birth n in to 1 month I did my arms hips thighs stomach inner thighs and hole back n I look good ass hell iam 5/9 I weighted 164 after birth cause I threw up in my hole 9 month n now I weight 140 n I know that kim did her nose lips n her body is obvious just like she did her ass n tits like every star thank got I got nice boobs n ass lol but all these gurls like there mom all have had surgery please who there kidding really

Dina O'sullivan

Kim Kardashian has no class.She always dresses like a high class escort.Why is it necessary to show her boobs all the time.We know she has them so be a bit more discreet and not so trashy.Money does not give one class which is obvious with the Kardashians.

grous... grousseau

If it dresses like a whore, there is a good chance it is a whore.

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