Scarlett Johansson Goes Deliciously Old-School Glamorous With Her New Look (PHOTO)

scarlett johansson interview magazineIn her awesome new flick Don Jon, Scarlett Johansson plays Joseph Gordon-Levitt's dream girl Barbara Sugarman, whose wardrobe consists of hot pink velour tracksuits and skin-tight, cleavage-baring mini-dresses. No matter how you feel about that kinda style, you can't help but admit that she made every single outfit look amazing! So should we be surprised that she was able to do the same with every outfit she wore in the photo shoot for the October Interview magazine that hit stands today? Of course not!

We just need to accept the reality that this woman could wear just about anything and look amazing. But ALSO -- I've gotta say, she definitely looks better in the more feminine, retro bombshell styles over the edgier, albeit in-your-face sexier shots.


For example, in one shot, with her hair piled high above her head in a halter-neck, checkered A-line dress, cinched at the waist with a wide belt, you'd never guess that's Scarlett in 2013. At first glimpse, it could be Brigitte Bardot circa the late '50s. And it's absolutely stunning!

But harsher looks, like this Fifty Shades of Grey-ish, dominatrix look, I could imagine Lady Gaga wearing on a NYC sidewalk is dynamic, sure, but it's not nearly as compelling or accessible!

Kinda goes to show sometimes the sexiest looks are the softest. The most classic. The throwback, old-school, classic one we keep coming back to. Yes, even if you're ever-gorgeous like ScarJo!

What do you think about the looks ScarJo flaunts in this new shoot? Which would you be most likely to wear?


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