Mandy Moore's New Haircut Idea Threatens to Chop WAY Too Much

mandy mooreWe all want a change every once in a while. One morning, for example, around the start of the 20th century, Mary Mallon woke up and thought, "Today I will stop washing my hands, I need a change." Between this choice and her popular specialty of Peach Melba, an uncooked dish, Typhoid Mary was born.

For most of us, the desire for change is less catastrophic. We change our nail color or get a haircut. The snipping of locks certainly invites moments of trauma (this is good, everyone needs a little catharsis), but we tend to reassure ourselves with logic -- it will grow back, no worries! But when those we revere in the firmament of celebrity decide the time has come to make a change, we revolt with sheer panic. So procure your smelling salts, children, Mandy Moore wants to shave her head.


Should you or I decide to shave our heads, it would not make the news. Unless the 'zine I print in my bathroom counts, and I've been assured it doesn't. If anything, we'd rely on one very good friend to talk us back down from the edge of madness.

But Mandy Moore I am not, nor are you ... probably. As such, she talks about a desire to drastically alter her locks and garners worldwide notice. People seem truly aghast at the notion of Mandy going hair-free. I think that's absurd. Let the woman buzz her scalp should she feel so moved. For one thing, she certainly has the bone structure to pull it off, by which I mean she is not an uggo. But perhaps more importantly, shaving her head would make her more aerodynamic, thus increasing the likelihood of Mandy considering a career in being shot from a cannon.

Do you think Mandy Moore should shave her head?


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