Wild Celeb Who Dressed Like a Child at Red Carpet Event Actually Pulled Off the Look -- But Don't Try This at Home

lily collinsPlease know that I stood here at my desk (I stand, like Victor Hugo and other great geniuses) for a solid three minutes trying to think of the best Phil Collins pun I could use while discussing his daughter, Lily Collins's, latest ensemble. None of them were any better than being like "dude, that girl is genetically half Phil Collins." So there. That's out of the way.

Lily's being touted as the next 'IT' girl of the fashion world. Somewhere Mischa Barton cries, and well might she, for I think Lily's gonna stick around for a while. The key to being someone Hollywood turns to for style inspiration? The natural desire to be a little bit daring. Or in Lily's instance -- a lot daring. You know, like doing stuff like abjuring pants in favor of a children's sweatshirt worn as a dress.


The problem with being daring in Hollywood is that every once in a while, you fall short of the mark. I am sure Lily's going to catch all manner of guff about this ensemble. It's a sweatshirt, it's got Bambi's face on it. She's wearing it with a dark lipstick and passing it off as formal wear. Someone begin lighting the torches, she must be stopped.

lily collins

The thing here is, I think it looks awesome! I'm normally not a fan of grown-ass women trotting along dressed in children's clothes, but here I think it works. I am not saying that I am going to go out and start borrowing threads from preteens, but I think on Lily it works. Because she is a movie star. And I make my living conjuring up the aforementioned Phil Collins puns. If these are the sort of fashion risks Lily plans on taking, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

What do you think of adults wearing children's clothes? 


Images via Instagram; Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty

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