Kim Kardashian Looks Gorgeous in Her Super Shocking Dress (PHOTO)

kim kardashianDespite being sighted in cargo pants and button-down shirts wrapped around her waist since becoming a mom, Kim Kardashian stepped out in something sex-ay during Paris Fashion Week. (Yes, Kim and Kanye are whooping it up in France right now, and no, little North is not with them, if you must know.) Ditching her comfy "mom" clothes for a tight, black Givenchy dress with a sheer top that displayed some serious cleav, Kim was positively glowing. The get-up isn't something most, if any, moms would ever wear three months after giving birth. But, hey, it's Kim we're talking about, and if she likes it, who are we to judge?


To be honest, the thing I'm finding more shocking than the style of the dress is the fact that the gown was put together for Kim one day before she wore it. That's some serious fashion pull right there. Accompanying an Instagram photo she posted of herself in the dress, Kim wrote: "Thank you Ricky for making this for me the day before the show. I die for you. #Givenchy4lifebaby." I mean, I knew Kim was buddy-buddy with certain designers, but I didn't think she was, like, have-a-Givenchy-dress-custom-made-in-24-hours status. Impressive.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people mocking Kim for what she's wearing (and for the fact that she's nine million miles away from her infant), but I've gotta say if I were given the chance to get to get my hair and makeup done and wear a super-expensive, custom-made dress a few months after giving birth, I'd find it pretty hard to turn down. It isn't every day a new mom gets to get gussied up and feel pretty.

Did you dress up a few months after having a baby?


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