Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Flat Abs That Will Make You Seethe With Jealousy (PHOTO)

Jennifer LopezLife. Just. Isn't. FAIR. You see this picture of Jennifer Lopez showing off her flat abs?!? Yeah, it's new. As in it was just posted to her Instagram account yesterday. As in it isn't a throwback from her In Living Color days and her stomach really is that rock hard at the age of 44 and after having twins.

Why oh why isn't there any justice in this world?

And I know what you're thinking -- maybe she's just standing at a really good angle and she's sucking her gut in to make herself appear even thinner.

Take a closer look, because that clearly isn't the case.


She's standing up straight. And based on her facial expression, she isn't holding her breath -- so again, her abs really are as flat as a pancake.

Geez. No wonder she had absolutely no trouble landing herself a 25-year-old boyfriend. Heck, she doesn't even look 25 herself, especially in this denim get-up. This outfit is something you'd expect to find an 18-year-old wearing to her first college party -- and something tells me even she couldn't pull it off quite as perfectly as J. Lo.

And how about the hair? By wearing it long and super-straight, she's totally channeling a late teens/early 20-something vibe, but can you blame her? If your body looked as bangin' as hers, wouldn't you go ahead and sport a hairstyle that's fit for someone 20 years younger?

Damn. I was just commending myself this morning for managing to squeeze into a pair of jeans that didn't fit me a month ago. But after seeing this photo of J.Lo, I'm thinking maybe there's still hope for fitting into the Seven for All Mankinds I wore before I got married almost 10 years ago that are still hanging in my closet. If she can rock a bod that hot, why can't I?

Besides the obvious reasons. Oh, forget it. Please pass the cookies.

Do you think Jennifer looks better now than she ever has?


Image via Instagram

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