3 Pairs of Ankle Boots That Will Make You Forget All About Knee-Highs

ankle bootFall’s here, which means everyone has started breaking out their new boots. As a girl with wide calves who also happens to be a total shoe-whore, this is a tough season for me. Because if I see a boot in a cut, color, feel, or style that I don’t already own, I must have it. Since few of those knee-high boots accommodate my tremendous and Hobbit-like leg-meats, it’s easy to get blue.

Sure, there are definitely options available. There are all sorts of boots for wide-calves that get rave reviews. But when I try on a pair, even if my calf fits, I find the overall look disappointing. This is because while they’ve allowed room in the calf, they haven’t accounted for the fact that I’m pretty short.


As a not-so-tall broad, it goes to follow that I’ve just got less leg. What looks flattering on someone else makes me look like my legs have been cut in two. Not so cute. But this doesn’t mean giving up boots altogether, it just means changing my approach. 

For me this fall, that means embracing the ankle boot. Let’s kick it old school Victorian-style and play up our delicate ankles. The men will swoon, our chaperones will be scandalized. An ankle boot provides the cover and warmth of knee-high boot without compromising your style for a trend. Below I’ve put together three of my favorite ankle boots for fall.

red boot

This red-hot faux suede number by Enzo Angiolini ($68.76, Amazon) is to die for. With the color and the height of the heel, I defy anyone to say that this look is less sexy than its taller brethren. Also, red can be a great neutral -- I'm serious! This pair of boots calls you. They call me. They call you. So say we all. Battlestar Galactica.

ankle boot

Oh, hello Crown Vintage Tabitha Bootie ($59.95, DSW), how are you today? What's that you say? You're doing really well but you'd be a lot happier if we bought you and wore you with every pair of boot cut jeans we own? Why okay then. That settles it. Happy to oblige.

ankle boot

It does, indeed, feel good to be a gangster -- something these stellar Mossimo Kyla Buckle Boots ($34.99, Target) understand all too well. This style of motorcycle boot with its cool hardware and sleek cut are really in this season. They are the perfect blend of utilitarian and sex appeal. Pair them with shorter skirt and you'll be surprised to find this a stronger look than any knee-high.

Are you going to wear ankle boots this fall?

Images via freakapotimus/Flickr; Amazon.com; DSW; Target

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