Dakota Johnson Doesn't Need $3,000 Worth of Beauty Products to Play Anastasia Steele

dakota johnson with mother melanie griffithDakota Johnson appears to already be gearing up for getting in front of the cameras to film Fifty Shades of Grey. The actress confirmed to portray Anastasia Steele was just spotted at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC with mom Melanie Griffith and, according to E!, reportedly spent "a considerable time in the cosmetics department and ended up splurging big time at the Orlane Paris counter -- $3,000, to be exact!" Oof!

The gossiphounds go on to dish that the mother-daughter duo walked away with products like the posh line's hydrating serum, super moisturizing light cream, and Vivifying cleanser. Huh. While I can understand wanting to drop some dough on a few high-quality, key skin care products that you feel make a major difference ... and I realize we're talkin' Hollywood royalty here who can afford to lay down serious cash for whatever beauty products they desire, I'm having trouble wrapping my head on the idea of thousands on skincare in one fell swoop!?


Especially for 23-year-old Dakota. We can't be sure if they were shopping for Dakota alone or Melanie or both of 'em, but if there's any chance the lion's share of the products were meant for her, that's kinda sad. I hope it isn't indicative of her getting super-self-conscious about how she looks in the wake of all this newfound attention? She's beautiful just the way she is!

Plus, as much of a product junkie as I can be at times, I really can't get behind spending that kind of money on any sort of serum, moisturizer, or cleanser. After all, what could a $75 cream possibly deliver that can't be accomplished with a clean diet, lots of water, and simple, natural skin care solutions like aloe or witch hazel? Products over a certain price really start to seem more and more like snake oil.

Oh well! At least it sounds like Dakota got a chance to share some quality time with her mama before cameras start rolling. I'd venture to guess that eating healthy and a lot of rest will go a lot further than any $50 cleanser to helping her look and feel her best when Sam Taylor-Johnson eventually yells "action!"

How do you feel about laying out a lot of cash on skincare products?

Image via Nancy Rivera/Splash News

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