Paula Patton's Half-Naked Red Carpet Look Is Actually Really Classy (PHOTO)

Robin Thicke Paula PattonUh ... damn. It might be totally inappropriate to show up on the red carpet in the buff, but Paula Patton's black, lacy dress really does make her look pretty darn close to naked.

She wore the frock for the premiere of her new movie, Baggage Claim. As much as I zoom in to try and get a closer look at this thing, I can't tell whether she's really showing that much skin or if the dress has some nude colored material going on.

Gah. She really gives new meaning to the concept of looking sexy and confident in a little black dress, doesn't she?


There aren't many women who can pull off a style like this without looking the least bit trashy or desperate, but somehow Paula makes this dress look like the classiest thing we've seen in a long time. Who cares if it really doesn't leave much to the imagination? This little number has "I'm a hot ticket and I know it" written all over it.

And she really nailed this stunning look even more by letting her hair fall loose around her shoulders, and by pairing the frock with simple black pumps instead of stripy sandals or embellished heels, which would've taken away some of the "wow" factor from the dress.

Oh -- and how cute is the red nail polish shade she's wearing? It gives her whole look a tiny pop of color that makes her look even sassier than she SO obviously is.

Huh. The only thing that could make Paula look any more gorgeous is if she lost the dude standing to the left of her. Isn't she just a little bit out of his league? (Kidding. Sort of.)

What do you think of Paula's sexy dress?


Image via Splash

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