TV Host Stacy London's Bizarre New Look Is Definitely 'What Not to Wear' (PHOTO)

stacy londonOn her show What Not to Wear, Stacy London has zero problem straight-talking her guests. She's shamed women to tears for cargo shorts and bad perms. Obviously, it's all done with love, and the people the show features usually come out feeling great, so we're willing to forgive her straight-for-the-kill approach to beauty and style tutelage.

But even a style expert can make a major misstep. If she had walked out of the house in a weird wash of denim, I would have been less surprised than I was when I saw Stacy's big mistake this morning. What has the woman done to her hair?!


It looks like Stacy went to visit celebrity colorist Rita Hazan to have her tresses tended to. Thinking it was the right time, Stacy experimented with a blonde ombre look. In theory Rita's the perfect woman to see about this. The lady knows her way around the hairs. Plus, Stacy's hair is her trademark! While everyone else in the industry is desperate to cover their grays, Stacy has always rocked her signature lock of silver. Why would she want to mess with it?

Instead of losing her silver-streak, Stacy left it in place and went way-light on the lower half of her mane. It's a big change and, I have to say, not my favorite. Something about the color washes her out, and the ombre and silver together seems a little bit more wicked-witchy than wicked stylish.

What do you think of Stacy's new look?

Images via Twitter; Instagram

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