Make Blue Eyes Pop With These 5 Easy Tips (PHOTOS)

Amy eyesFinding time to do your makeup in the morning is hard enough as it is, but knowing the right way to do your makeup is an entirely different beast. Which is why here at The Stir, we wanted to get the facts on the best way to accentuate your eye color from someone who knows. Recently, we caught up with Sephora PRO Lead Artist Gilbert Soliz who gave us some fabulous tips. And let me tell you -- I never knew how wrong I was doing my makeup until now! 

We've already told you the best tips for brown eyes, and now it's time to tackle the blue-eyed beauties. Read on for 5 awesome tips to make blue eyes pop, here:


Blue_Eyes_Makeup_Tips1. Start with a blank canvas: A great way to get your eye shadow to stay on is by starting with a primer, like Urban Decay's Primer Potion Tube ($12, Then, apply a neutral base. This base can either be the foundation you use on the rest of your face or a light eye shadow similar to your skin color.

2. Curl your lashes BEFORE: A major mistake many women make, of all eye colors, is putting on mascara and THEN curling your eyelashes. Make sure to curl your lashes before you apply mascara so you won't have any creases in your look.

3. Grab the bronze: Bronze and copper shadows help draw attention to blue eyes. A palette like the Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 in The Glam ($42, has the perfect mix of metallic neutrals to make cool blue eyes pop. Looking for a cheaper option? Try Sephora Collection Colorful Eye shadow Custom Palette Case ($12,

4. Layer the right way: Just like when you layer clothes, there's a functional way to layer eye shadow so you get the best overall look. Apply the lightest color on the entire eyelid and to the edge of the brow. Then select a deeper shade for the crease and dust a highlighter just beneath the brow.

5. Line them just right: Blue eyes really pop with a brown liner as opposed to black, which helps keep your overall look natural. For day time, apply the liner to the top lid. To make things more dramatic for night, apply to the bottom as well.

Do you have blue eyes? If so, got any makeup tricks of your own?

Images via Stefanie Favicchio

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