Make Brown Eyes Pop With These 5 Easy Makeup Tips (PHOTOS)

Brown eye makeupSure sure, they say the eyes are the portal to the soul and all that jazz, but most of us aren't exactly Picasso when it comes to playing up one of a lady's best assets. The truth? Bringing out your eye color is actually easier than you might think. A few Stir staffers recently caught up with Sephora PRO Lead Artist Gilbert Soliz to learn how to accentuate their eye color. And let me tell you -- we learned a wholllleeeee lot. Seriously, who knew that you were supposed to curl your lashes BEFORE you put on mascara, eh?

First up: brown eyes. Are you a fellow brown-eyed beauty looking for a few tips on how to make those eyes pop? Look no further. Check out these 5 brown eye makeup tips, here:


Brown_Eyes_Makeup_Tricks1. Start with a blank canvas: This holds true for women of any eye color. It's super important to keep things neutral to start off with by applying a base. Wipe the same color foundation you use on the rest of your face across your eyelid as well as below your eye, and top it off with a light colored eye shadow for the perfect base.

2. Pick a palette that does the work for you: There are loads of palettes out there that have the right colors for your eyes together so you don't have to do the tough work. Our top picks for brown eyes? Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7 in The Tease ($59, or Sephora Collection Primal Instincts Palette ($28,

3. The right blend makes all the difference: You want to make sure that you're layering your eye shadow the right way. Start by using the darkest shade at the base of the lashes, then buff and blend upwards. Apply a medium toned shade to the lid and ensure that the darker shade is well blended. Take the lightest shade and soften the edges at the crease, then blend up toward the brow bone.

Brown eye makeup

4. Going dramatic? Choose purple. The key to getting brown eyes to pop for a night on the town is opting for cooler shades like a flirty, feminine lavender.

5. Top it off with a great lash: If you're looking for long, beautiful lashes there are two main secrets. 1. Like I mentioned before, curl your lashes BEFORE you apply mascara. This way, you'll avoid that little crease that so many of us pretend not to notice. 2. Start applying your mascara at the root, not the tips. This will make your lashes look thicker.

Want to take your lashes a step further? Accent brown eyes with a little bit of plum-colored mascara. We adore Benefit's BADgal Plum Mascara ($19, While you'll hardly see a difference in color, but it will add an extra pop that'll make your girlfriends say "Wow!"

Have any tips or tricks of your own for fellow brown-eyed girls?


Images via Stefanie Favicchio

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