3 Easy Ways to Rock the Cropped Jacket Look This Fall

cropped jacketsIt's tricky to know what to grab before leaving the house these days. It's not quite full-blown chilly weather, but it's not exactly warm. You don't want to start shivering, but raining sweat is hardly ideal.

Cropped jackets are a great transitional look for fall. It's not as much volume as a full-length coat, but it's a much needed extra layer. If you're anything like me (petite, curvy), you've stayed away from the trend. This makes sense, there's no shame in it! It can be an intimidating look. Just typing that last sentence made me picture a coat glaring at me, which was ... unsettling to say the least.

But fear not, my fellows in clothing! Cropped jackets are almost universally flattering if you know what you're looking for and you understand that 'fit' is everything. I've compiled three of my favorite cropped jacket looks for your edification. Here's hoping they inspire!


anthropologie crop

First up, we have the ultra-casual look. This cropped field jacket (Anthropologie, $69.95) gives the laid-back vibe of your average fall jacket, with the structured tailoring common in cropped styles. Dig how it nips in at the waist? Universally awesome, I say unto thee. Pair with a scarf and you've got your pumpkin-picking ensemble halfway planned.


ASOS crop

Cropped jackets are more than just outerwear. Check out the detail on this black, beaded cropped jacket (ASOS, $60.75). This little number will you keep sparkly, happy, and office-appropriate during those days in between the AC going off and the heat coming on. Pair it with jeans or a skirt to dress it up should you feel so moved. I am seldom so moved. Because pants are amazing -- #jaminwithyourhamsin.


macy's cropped coat

Here's one that will have the guys in your life singing, "Sex bomb, sex bomb, she's a sex bomb" when you walk by. I mean, if they already know a lot of Tom Jones, they might. I'm not saying that this coat will grant all mean in your vicinity a comprehensive knowledge of Tom Jones's discography. Just to be clear. What this coat (Macy's, $99) will do is make every other thing in your closet look elegant, adult, and sophisticated as all get out. The secret is in the sleek, tuxedo lines. The perfect companion when your killer LBD isn't quite enough to keep you warm.

Are you a fan of the cropped jacket look?


Images via Tess Giberson; Anthropologie; ASOS; Macy's

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