Leave the Overalls Trend Back in the Hideous '90s Where It Belongs!

overallsThe '90s was a fun decade. Among other things, it gave us Shannen Doherty, Madonna's cone bra, and Clarissa Explains It All. It also gave us some ... interesting fashion (Hammer pants, anyone?). Some of those trends, like matte lipstick, are worth revisiting. The overalls trend? Not so much.

And yet ...


AND YET! Overalls are creeping their way into the style files of our current decade. And we must put a stop to it!

There is nothing flattering about a pair of overalls, unless you are a toddler. (If you are a toddler wearing overalls and reading this, then first may I commend you on your reading skills. Second, you look adorable. Stop reading and go tell your mommy I said it's OK to have a cookie.) Overalls are frumpy, goofy, and good for one thing only: Dressing up like a house painter.

Despite this, overalls walked down the Spring 2014 runways at Fashion Week, and a quick search for "overalls" on ShopStyle.com returns no less than 3,466 results in the "women" category. And we're not just talking about your regular old denim situation, either. Even those those Current/Elliot "The Ranch Hand" overalls, pictured above, retail for $365 at Singer22.com.

I mean, we're talking high end overalls from chic brands.

Exhibit A:

Elizabeth and James leather overalls

You too can own these Elizabeth and James leather overalls for a mere $1,295 at ShopBob.com.

Why, I say. WHY?!

If leather's not really your thing, you might be interested in these eyelet overalls from one of my favorite brands, Free People:

Free People overalls

On sale for $49.95 (down from $148!), I actually think these are slightly less unflattering than the leather ones, for some reason. I can see how a 20-year-old might look cute in them. (Not as cute as you, Genius Toddler!) But for the vast majority of us, I say we work together to boycott this trend and let it go back, quickly and silently, from whence it came: The set of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Would you wear overalls again? (Did you ever?)

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