Christina Aguilera's Secret to Sexy Isn't Her Barely-There Black Dress (VIDEO)

christina aguilera Move over, Snooki! There's another skinny minnie mama in Hollywood who has no problem rocking her newly svelte body an itsy bitsy mini-dress. Yep, that'd be Christina Aguilera, who went on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night to chat about The Voice -- and obviously also show off her notable weight loss, which, you might say, "keeps gettin' better."

The diva mom of 5-year-old Max showed up in a TBBD -- a teensy black bandage dress (as opposed to LBD or little black dress) that flaunted serious cleavage AND leg AND rockin', extra-small curves. Woo! I'm sure just about every jaw in the house landed on the floor when she took the room.


She looks BANGING! But ... let's not forget that she looked pretty damn amazing before, too. This is just the new, improved, slimmed-down (apparently courtesy of yoga!) Christina. And forget the skinny or the skin -- the best, most beautiful part by far has to be the fact that she's so confident and happy that she's practically radiating!

Feeling sexy and relaxed in her own skin may have something to do with it. Probably even more than how incredible she knows she looks in that TBBD!

What do you think about Christina's hot new look?



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