This Royal Bride Wore a Short Dress to Her Wedding -- Shocking?!

claire lademarcherWhat's better than a royal wedding? A casual royal wedding! You know I love me some pomp and circumstance. Still, there's something inherently classy about those royals who could go big with their nuptials and instead choose to keep it low-key. It's like they're shrugging and saying, "Yeah, yeah, we're fabulous, we know -- somebody pass the brioche and my favorite champagne mug."

While there was nary a champagne mug in sight, Prince Felix of Luxembourg and his new bride Claire Lademacher were recently married in a casual, civil ceremony. While it had nothing on Will and Kate's big day, Claire looked radiant in a white, peplum dress. Frankly, I couldn't believe she won me over.


I am not a fan of the peplum. I think it can look decent on a dress from time to time, but mostly it looks like you're trying to hide a pregnancy or a recently ingested hot dog. Don't even get me started on peplum shirts, yo. But the cut of the new princess's dress was enough to win me over.

It might be that the frock in question has such great shape in the shoulders. It could also be that Claire was wise enough not to over-accessorize. It could also simply be the radiance that comes naturally to a bride on her wedding day. Whatever the cause, I've got to say, she's got me rethinking my peplum stance.

Do you like peplums?


Image via Sean Gallup/Getty

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