5 Beauty Routines All Moms Need to Ditch (& Some They Need to Keep)

Before I gave birth, I was a skincare and makeup junkie. I used to be obsessed with expensive products and trying out every DIY beauty routine I discovered online. Glitter lipstick? Awesome. Skin lightener with flecks of diamonds in it -- bring it on.

But then I became the mom of a little girl and found myself either too pressed for time to commit to my old routines or not feeling totally right about performing them. By the same token, I've adopted other routines and products with religious fervor.


Five Beauty Routines/Products I've Banned:

1. Doing my own nails -- The lingering smell of nail polish remover just seems toxic. Plus I would never get an hour to myself in the house where I can let my nails dry without having my toddler ask me to pick her up or glide her own hand over them to touch the pretty color. And I relish enjoying an hour when I can actually leave my house, sit in a chair, and let someone pamper my hands and feet while I eat free butterscotch. 

2. Using hair masks -- The thought of having an extra 20 minutes to lounge around with conditioner in my hair prior to squandering additional time in the shower is too luxurious to even contemplate. I will, however, apply the mask to my hair while in the shower and make believe three minutes is just as good as twenty. 

3. Applying lip-liner -- My toddler once got a hold of my nude lip-liner and proudly drew all over the wall. I've yet to replace it (the liner, not the wall) and noticed almost immediately that I didn't miss it, either.

4. Popping zits or blackheads -- Never mind the fact that it goes against everything I learned about skincare when I was 15 and reading Seventeen magazine, I am freakishly aware of my daughter's presence when I make a move for a blackhead. And I wouldn't want to pass on such a terribly bad beauty habit.

5. Tweezing my own eyebrows -- Add this one to the list of bad beauty habits I don't want my daughter catching. I'd rather spend $30 every two months to have my brows shaped properly than do a terrible job hacking away at them in the privacy of my bathroom.

Three Beauty Routines/Products I've Become Obsessed With:

1. Argan oil -- I'm a fan of Josie Maran, but no matter the brand, I've found Argan oil to truly be a miracle cure for skin, hair, and nails. As a mom, it's important to have products that multitask and this one lives up to the hype. 

2. Natural face masks -- I have more important things to spend my money on then big-name masks, especially since common kitchen products really do the trick. I can easily find 30 minutes in the day to lavish my skin with a vitamin E and egg white mask. I can play with my baby and live my life while it's on and I always feel an itsy bit more special after I wash it off.

3. Lipstick -- No matter how little I've slept or how pressed I am for time in the morning, a swipe of rose lipstick makes my face appear alive. Thank goodness for lipstick!

Are there any beauty routines or products you gave up or added when you became a mom?

Image via trec_lit/Flickr

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