Rihanna's Makeup-Free Selfie Is So Hot That The Rest of Us Should Just Stop Trying

rihannaFor most of us, makeup is a part of our daily lives. We wake up, we shower (most days), we pick out our clothes, and then we put on the foundation, mascara, and blush that make us look and feel, well, human. Those tabloid features about celebs without makeup are designed to make us feel better about ourselves! Man, we think, if that's how they look without makeup, I am basically as beautiful as a movie star. Instant Ego Boost!

Leave it Rihanna to ruin even this one pleasure for us. I mean, the woman is probably a contender for hottest person alive. Whatever she does to her face, to her hair, to her clothes, she manages to pull off like the pro that she is. But this latest picture she's posted to Instagram really upped the ante.


Check out this pop star's makeup-free selfie! I would post a makeup-free selfie, but I don't want to, you know, break the Internet. The lady lives a notoriously party-hardy existence. She works crazy hours and plays hard, but you'd never know it from looking at her. SHE IS GLOWING LIKE A MAGICAL PAINTING.


Meanwhile the rest of us do our best to try and drink eight glasses of water a day to look youthful. Me? If I drink one glass of wine, I wind up nervously slathering my face with various creams and tinctures, praying my skin won't tell tales on me in the morning. I don't know what Rihanna's doing to stay so flawless -- but it's working for her.

Can you believe how great Rihanna looks without makeup?


Images via Instagram

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