Jennifer Aniston's Secret to Perfect Hair Is Unbelievably Easy

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Jennifer AnistonShe's famous for a whole host of reasons, but one of the first things that pops into anyone's mind when they hear the name "Jennifer Aniston" is how freakin' perfect and amazing her hair is and has always been.

I mean, can you ever remember a point when she had a bad haircut? And don't even try and tell me that "The Rachel" wasn't super cute and enviable. You know you wanted it back in the '90s. (Everyone did.)

Her locks have only gotten more stunning since her Friends days, and now finally, Jennifer is sharing her secret to gorgeous hair.

And you're not gonna believe how simple it is.

Are you ready for this one? In her new interview with Redbook, Jen says, "I usually shape the hair around my face with my fingers -- just twist it and then refine it with a brush and let it air-dry."

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Yep. That's it. No bi-weekly trips to the salon. No fancy-schmancy products. No live-in hairstylist. Jen is not a slave to her blow dryer, and that's why her strands never look dull, dry, fried, or anything in between.

Do you believe that's all she has to do to get ready to face the world each day?

Damn. Why can't it be that easy for the rest of us? I'd love nothing more than to let my hair air-dry every morning and give my wrist a much needed rest. But when I don't blow dry my hair? It turns into a frizzy, hideous mess -- to the point where the only way to make it look presentable is to flat iron it, which is way worse than the blow dryer and totally defeats the purpose of letting it air-dry.

I can't even begin to imagine how luxurious it must be to simply twist your hair around your fingers and go -- but I'm guessing it makes for a much less stressful day.

Sigh. I guess the perks to being Jennifer Aniston are basically endless.

Do you let your hair air-dry and does it work for you?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

I used to have pretty waves if I simply let my hair air dry. Because my hair has color on it, and I had a longer bob that I would flat iron every day, my pretty waves turned into a wavy frizzball. I have to train it all over again.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Oh, and P.S., I still want the 'Rachel'. I will rock it some day.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Yes, I let my hair air dry.  I stopped using shampoo and conditioner about a year ago.  I "wash" once a week with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.  That's my "secret" to super shiny, smooth hair.  I had baby fine hair.  Now it is thicker, fuller, darker, the color has more dimension and shine than ever before, no flyaways.  This method has done wonders for my daughter's medium curly red hair.  No frizz, just wet it in the a.m. and comb through, the curls purk up lovely and stay that way all day. 

nonmember avatar anon

Your hair is so frizzy because you punish it with heat styling day after day. It's been irreparably damaged by the constant application of heat and the only thing for it is to either cut it off and start new, or use a conditioner that containes silicones to improve the look of it.

Taisie Taisie

Seriously? You think the hair in the pic posted here of Jennifer Aniston is enviable? I think it looks a stringy mess!

And no, I almost never do anything to my hair that involves heat, ie: blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons. I only maybe do that to my hair once, or twice a year, the rest of the time I let it air dry, so much better for you hair! 

nonmember avatar Firefox7275

I stopped having a frizzy mess when I stopped fighting my hair and trying to make it something it is not and never will be. Like 55% of Europeans it turns out I have pretty waves ... with the Curly Girl method, or unmanageable frizzy 'straight' hair with commercial haircare products and enthusiastic brushing. Nobody needs a flat iron or blow fryer, you just damage your hair and increase your reliance on it.

Johnnie Perry

Her hair is not perfect how in the world is that stringy mess perfect and it never is maybe she needs to go and let Kim Kimble style it for her because her stylest does not do a good job maybe she does her own her because it this picture and others that I've seen it is always stringy and never style oh I forgot when she wore it short it looked OK then.

Ashley Kissinger

OMGGGG.  Give the author a break ladies.  Yes everyone admires Jennifer Anniston's hair, and yes it is incredible that all she does is take a shower to achieve world wide envy.  Yes we all wanted to have the "Rachel" cut, and it sucks to be a mere mortal.  I'm sure you all have used products/blow dryers/straighteners to achieve certain looks.  I mean seriously come onnnn.  I think people read these articles and automatically assume the opposite positions just because they are feeling like contrary little twerps who want to argue. 

nonmember avatar Su

I don't know how anyone could state JA's hair is a "stringy mess" as it's beautiful, shiny, and always looks good. Perhaps jelously.

nonmember avatar Grace

That is crap she said in an article she pays a hairdresser $150,000 pa to do her hair daily and flies her all over the world.. Twists her own hair... Yeah sure....

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