Britney Spears' Down-to-There Neckline Leaves Almost Nothing to the Imagination (PHOTO)

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britney spearsOn Tuesday, Britney Spears officially announced her residency deal in Las Vegas, and as one would suspect, she did so with a bang. The star greeted her thousands of screaming fans (many dressed as Schoolgirl "... Baby One More Time" Britney) by touching down in the Nevada desert via helicopter and walking the dusty red carpet in dark sunglasses and a plunging neckline that never seemed to end. Ever. In fact, that neckline is probably in Mexico by now.

Our girl Britney looked gorgeous, and nobody's rooting for her more than I, but yowza. Britney's top was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen! Oops. She almost did it again.

(Sorry. I literally was incapable of typing that.)

It's funny. When I first saw photos of the singer, I didn't see the down-to-the-belly-button slash, and I thought, "Gosh, she looks surprisingly formal and covered up." In fact, without the cut-out down the front, Britney's outfit is pretty businessy. Trousers, blazer, modest heeled boots. But when I saw the front, I thought, "There's my girl." Followed by, "Gadzooks, one wrong move and it's a Boob Bonanza!"

I actually like this look. It makes me nervous and I personally would never wear it. But I like what Brit Brit's doing here. She's not going sparkly leotard/shiny sheer tights/in your face sexy yet. She's saving that for her performances. She's teasing us with what's to come.

But still. That top makes me nervous.

What do you think of Britney's look? Are you excited for her Vegas run?


Image via Splash News

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antfa... antfarmer101

Yeah... there's illusion netting there. Don't think there was any danger of a rogue nip trying to make an escape

there... theresaphilly

I have no plans on going to see her. I saw twice in concert; once when she first began really GOOD! and second about a year ago and she was OK!

Lauren Wasinger

I don't think that outfit was as risky as you are making it out to be. I'm sure she was taped and pinned and such. it looked good, really. Sexy but still on the classy side.

Priya... Priyankarox

Good luck to Britney in Las Vegas. She is a nice person.

stara... starandseen

Once again, a melodramatic headline. It's a bit more than a slit down the front.   Just a narrow slit down the front. The headline made it seem like the Jennifer Lopez green floral dress (Grammys, I think).

grous... grousseau

Can you say Hollywood Tape? There is very little chance of her having a nip slip. Sexy look but refined and very grown up. Good for Brit.

nonmember avatar herkey


nonmember avatar Ak

That "slit" was actually a stripe. It's pink fabric, not skin, which you can clearly see in the second photo in the link.

Michael E Lovett

Interesting that the title of the article is about an outfit Britney wore, yet no photo to accompany the article. Then at the end of the article, the question "what do you think of Britney's plunging neckline?". photo, bit hard to comment on it now isn't it? Actually I finally did figure out that the photo(s) in question are found by clicking the hyperlink "Britney's top was a wardrobe malfunction", which, if you think about it, don't exactly tell you that it is in fact, the link to the photos, on yet another website. Poor web writing if you ask me.

BJ Jones

Brain-damaged smoker and trailer trash TRAMP!

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