Modern Quilted Style for Fall: It's Back & Better Than Ever!

white leather jacket quiltedDon't freak out when I tell you about the newest fashion trend for fall ... but quilted styles are where it's at this season! I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about your mom's puffy 1985 hot pink, quilted vest with the brown suede piping. It's bringing back a lot of shame and horror ... we get it. However, that's NOT what we're talking about here when we say quilted! Not. Even. Close. In fact, lucky for all of us (moms now and others), the quilted details and styles we're seeing this season have been modernized in a great way. Case in point, the lovely quilted faux leather number above. 

Still not buying it? Can't believe quilting can ever be cute? Well, to prove it to you, we're rounding up the best quilted looks for fall over at The Prowl (what? you haven't joined this fun, new shopping site yet? well, what are you waiting for?!!). Here's a sneak peek at some of the great-looking yet quilted wears on our list so far.


Short-Sleeved Leather Top With Special Quilting. Yes, this cute top is red AND leather! But you know what makes it wearable for us non-Harley-riding types? The pretty quilted details. That's right.

red short sleeved leather top quilting

Quilted Jacket With Piping. Yep, this jacket is quilted AND has piping and yet, unlike your mom's puffy 1985 version, this jacket is absolutely fabulous! Love the belted waist and the color!

blue quilted jacket piping

Lucky Brand Nordic Boot. OMG, love these booties so very much. And see? Quilted! And yet not grannyish at all. In fact, the quilting adds the perfect femininity to an otherwise guyish pair of biker boots. 

nordic boot booties lucky

To see more quilted fashion picks for fall, stop on over to The ProwlSee what else we've collected and add your own favorites to the board!

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