The Orange Lipstick Trend Is So Crazy Flattering It's Shocking (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Sep 19, 2013 Beauty & Style

At practically every spring 2014 runway show, one makeup trend reigned supreme: bright, glowing, gorgeous orange lips. Of course, celebrities (with very different skin tone, I might add) like Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore have long realized the appeal of tangerine lips and have been seen rocking them while wearing everything from a black-and-white outfit -- which lets orange lips pop -- to similarly hued gowns.

Before you laugh and chalk this look up to kooky designer craziness, consider this: the right orange lipstick for your skin tone can make your entire face glow. 

You just need a few tips and the right product to make it work in real life

Make sure the orange you choose works for your skin coloring. If you're pale or have pink and red in your skin, go for pastel oranges or oranges that have more coral or red in them. Those with warm skin tones and medium complexions can get away with bolder shades or orange and oranges that contain a bit of gold and yellow in them. If you have dark skin, your best bet is to stick with oranges that contain a brown or deep-red base. 

If you aren't ready to go matte (as was all the rage on runways like Rag & Bone), try a light orange gloss. Orange stains look ethereal when worn alone or can add just a bit of pop on top of nude lipstick. 

If you are ready to go matte, adjust your other makeup accordingly. It's really important to cover skin flaws with a good foundation because orange lipstick will just accentuate them. Keep eye shadow and eyeliner to a minimum and just use a bit of mascara and eyebrow shadow to let your eyes pop. 

Keep your wardrobe in mind. Black and white, florals, and shades emerald green and sapphire look stunning with orange lips. An orange or red sweater -- maybe not so much. 

Have you tried the orange lipstick trend? Which products do you recommend?  

Image via Sephora/Guerlain Gipsy 41 - Deep Tangerine

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