Sandra Bullock Goes Super Short With Sexy New Haircut (PHOTO)

sandra bullock short hairWhile many of us were discussing the fashionable breastfeeding photo found in Vogue Netherlands' October issue, Vogue America was busy showing off the gorgeous Sandra Bullock in a backless Marc Jacobs gown. I couldn't be more in love with this daringly short '60s-esque pixie haircut

Sandra looks stunning with those side-swept bangs and the short wisps in back. Her bone structure! Those eyebrows! Her flawless back! Okay, it's Vogue. It's the cover. There may be some deception going on.


But no amount of makeup or airbrushing or whatever it is they do to magazine covers nowadays can hide (or shall we say alter) the appeal that is Ms. Sandra Bullock. One of my favorite 49-year-olds seems to look younger by the day, or as we aging ladies like to say ... she gets better looking every year. Vogue says: "More beautiful and bankable than ever." Love that!

While I am in love with this bold short haircut, I shouldn't get too attached to the look as it may have been for a film (or could that possibly be a wig or a very talented pin-back?). If you can fake a bob, you can probably fake a pixie! At the premiere for her latest movie Gravity, Sandra's hair was past her shoulders. Still, photo shoots for magazines sometimes are three months prior to publication, and maybe, just maybe Sandy was wearing some extensions to that recent red carpet event.

I do love everything a little retro, so this look on Sandra looks amazing to me.

What do you think of Sandra with a short haircut?

Image via Vogue

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