Super Cool Time-Lapse Video Shows a Woman Aging Before Your Eyes (VIDEO)

danielleWe gain a lot more than wrinkles as we age. There's a lot to be said about the life we live being revealed on our faces. But, that doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Are we a culture that celebrates youth? Absolutely. But we forget that being young ain't exactly a bed of roses either.

A video called "Danielle" shot by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello sought to point out just that. In under five minutes, we watch a woman grow from a young girl into a grandmother. While Cerniello partially wanted to make a film about life and death, he wound up with something much more interesting.


The coolest part of the film is how it was made. Cerniello used photographs of women from the same family to achieve the shocking end result. While the basis for the film was inspired by one of his friends, he actually photographed her family members when visiting her home for Thanksgiving.

The video breaks down the idea of youth being the defining feature of beauty. If anything, the woman's face goes from looking tense and worried in her 20s to happier and more relaxed as a person as she gets older. The video is in its way more effective than any Dove Real Beauty ad. It's just as much about inner beauty as it is about what exists on the outside.

How long did you watch the video before you noticed the little girl had begun to age?


Image via Vimeo

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