Sleeping in a Bra to Prevent Sag Sounds Like Pure Torture

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braOne of the best parts of any given day is that blissful moment at night when I can fling off my bra. I long ago perfected the fine art of removing a bra without actually removing my shirt, and it's not uncommon to find one strung about the house in the morning, wherever it happened to land when I freed myself from its death grip. Thus, imagine my shock when I read that some say you should SLEEP in your bra to prevent sagging boobs.

My exact thoughts: Are you kidding me?! But what surprised me even more ...

... was hearing that some of the women I know and love actually do this! Yes! They sleep, at night, in their beds, wearing bras. And not just camisoles with bra tops, but actual bras with underwire.

Now, I understand that not all women have the love-hate relationship with bras that I do. I love them because they make me look and feel sexier. I hate them because no matter HOW great and comfortable a bra may start out, for me, eventually it morphs into a Bra of Torture. I wear a 36C or D, depending on fit, which I believe is fairly mid-range, right? That is to say, I'm not having to deal with bigger, more glorious boobs that, I can imagine, are even more of a pain to find comfortable, well-fitting bars for. I can't wear a bra without underwire because I really need that extra liftage. But I find even cami tops with built-in bras, and sports bras, to be totally uncomfortable after a while. I can't imagine sleeping in them! And I can't believe friends of mine do just that!

But, apparently, that's what we ALL should be doing in order to prevent any more sagging. "Guess what, gravity works at night, too," writes a cosmetic surgery expert who advocates wearing a bra to bed.

That is a sobering thought indeed, but I'll take my chances. Honestly, it's pretty much too late at this point anyway. Motherhood, aging, and at least, er, about 20 years of having boobs and NOT wearing a bra at night have already taken their toll. At this point, bras are more of a way to make the most of (disguise) what I have, and less a preventive measure!

Do you sleep in a bra?

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Alexa... AlexaAdams

I always sleep in a bra. For me it is more comfortable. I'm a 34E and if I'm laying on my side the skin gets pulled and hurts so I just stick with sleeping in a underwire free bra.

nonmember avatar Penelope

Yes, I do, I always have. My boons are perky and firm. I am 33 and my boobs look better than most 25 year olds. Even after 2 pregnancies (didn't breastfeed because of medications) I don't find it uncomfortable at all, maybe because I've always done it,

nonmember avatar Meg

I have worn a bra to bed occasionally, but only when my boobs are feeling sensitive and the pulling and weight of my boobs makes it worse. I suggest sports bras for bed. They are more comfortable, supportive but no under wires.

wendy... wendywendy

I do, a soft bra w/o underwire.  I'm a 32G.  They dont fit like the ones I wear in the daytime.

Jespren Jespren

Why the unnatural desire to hang onto an unnatural look? For the vast majority of people, you are not supposed to look like you are 20 when you are 35. People age, that's good. We turn from young girls to mature matrons. Now, I sleep in a bra, because I am currently nursing and it's more difficult, ironically, to get baby to latch on without the nursing bra. But it's a comfortable 'sports' type one with no underwire. But why would you want to torture yourself, day or night, to pretend you are younger than you are? You're human, humans change as they age. Why have we all forgotten that aging gracefully is a virtue and began to admire people who are too immature to accept growing up doesn't stop at 19??

As an aside, breastfeeding doesn't make your breats 'sag', pregnancy does, yes, and age, and genetics.

caleb... calebsmama12312

If you wear a bra at night I highly recommend the genie bra. It is so comfortable & gives good support. I'm a little on the smaller side so idk how great it works for bigger boobs myself, but a friend of mine swears by it also and shes a 34d. It's great for daytime too bc it is so much more supportive than a regular sports bra. It also gets rid of back fat lol. The only bad thing is it doesn't work with certain tops.

nonmember avatar Rachel

Im a 38 DD and I've worn a bra to bed every single night since I can remember. I feel so uncomfortable without it. And my boobs are still right where they should be, no sag. Is it the night time bra wearing? Not sure but I'm not changing a thing!

Porce... PorcelainPixels

Just wear a sports bra. Much more comfortable to sleep in and provides support.


wendy... wendywendy

My wearing one has nothing to do with wanting to look like I'm 20.  I discovered while pumping (daughter couldn't nurse) That i was much more comfortable sleeping in one.


Hoorays to everyone who wears a bra to bed--I am in serious awe of you...but for me, that is soooo NOT gonna happen.  I live for the moment to get that sucker off my body.  If I could go without wearing one, I would--but with these heavy knockers--that is another thing that is soooo NOT gonna happen.  Gravity has done it's magic--so I am, literally, flopping around the house with a smile on my face.

BTW, calebsmama12312:  I tried that Genie bueno...I am STILL looking for its did me more harm than good.  ***whispering, "I probably got the wrong size..but, I'm not taking any more chances to try it again."***

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