Wearing a 'Princess' Wedding Gown Past Age 25 Is Just Wrong

You may have heard that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend secretly wed in Italy this weekend. Good for them! The model and her musician hubby make a gorgeous pair, and they really seem to dig one another.

But can we please talk about Chrissy's Vera Wang dress

It's as voluminous as a five-layer buttercream cake, with a train that extends down the block and around the corner. It's pure angel white and crafted from layers and layers and layers of tulle. It features a bodice that, thankfully, reminds us Chrissy is a woman with an actual bust and not a 5-year-old princess.

She looks gorgeous. But the thing is, it's as princess a dress as you can get. And it's just not appropriate for her age


I know, I know, Chrissy is only 27 -- not exactly a grandmother. And the fact that this dress was just one of three she rocked throughout her ceremony sort of makes me forgive her for going all out and indulging that princess fantasy. 

But I'm holding strong about this: there has to be a cut-off age for princess wedding gowns. If you are over 25, you are likely paying your own bills and would never, in real life, consider wearing a huge bow headband to the office. So why would you throw caution to the wind on the most special day of your life and choose a dress that makes you look like the prettiest marshmallow at the ball? 

I got married at 29. I was never the fairy tale type, but something happens to your brain when you're planning a wedding. I entertained the idea of going all out on my wedding day and wearing a big, poofy gown that would ordinarily make me cringe. I tried on a few princess gowns and just felt silly when I looked in the mirror. If you think about it, 29 is old enough to have a tween who herself would be way past the princess phase. Ugh, no thanks. Pass me a sophisticated trumpet-style gown, please. 

What do you think about princess wedding gowns? Do women past a certain age just look silly in them or is age not a factor? 

Image via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

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