Guess Which Celebrity Got a Tattoo of a Topless Lady on Her Side

tattoo rita oraAngelina Jolie isn't the only celebrity getting intriguing tattoos. Leave it to one 22-year-old trendsetter to make Angie's ink look tame. Can you guess who she is? Hint: She's a British singer and model and pal of Jay-Z, Drake, and model Cara Delevingne. And she got this beautiful tattoo on her side of a woman she has named Rosetta.

She was tattooed by Bang Bang in New York City -- the same artist who has also tattooed many other celebrities. 


It's Rita Ora!

rita ora

Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens, Adele, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Russell Brand, and Ashley Tisdale were all tattooed by Bang Bang at his Lower East Side shop. Bang Bang said Ora's "Rosetta" ribcage tattoo is a "realistic version of a Vargas painting of a pinup girl."

The tattoo is quite beautiful ... and bold. That's a painful spot to be tattooed, but I love the placement and the design is not something she will regret. Sure some will disagree -- a topless woman tattooed on your side?! How could she? Why not is what I would say. But I am a mom with tattoos. It's her body and it will always remind her of this time in her life -- a 22-year-old successful and beautiful singer with so much of her life ahead of her.

What do you think of Ora's tattoo?


Image via Rita Ora/Instagram

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