Plastic Surgery Fashion Shows Demonstrate the Very Worst of Our Beauty-Obsessed Culture (PHOTOS)

fashion show Fashion Week is drawing to a close in New York. The designers are jetting off for celebratory mini-breaks, and the models can finally sit down for longer than two minutes. While it was here, it was the epitome of glamor, style, and creative invention. It gave us enough gasp-worthy looks to get us through until the Spring.

But some of those gasps weren't of appreciation. Take for example the Plastic Surgery Fashion Show. Yeah. That's a thing that happened. Leave your self-esteem at the door, for verily, you'll have no need of it here. Featuring the "fashions" of Dr. Ramtin Kassir, his former patients strutted down the runway, showing off their nose jobs and their perkier racks. How was this show received by the fashion world? 


Not the way you'd expect. For a business so caught up in how a person looks, the feedback from fashion folk in the know was decidedly negative. Just look at what Fashion Week's co-founder Fern Mallis had to say:

Fashion week is about fashion ... it's not for people to decide on what face-lift to get.

Burn, Dr. Kassir! Burn! The good doctor's show wasn't an official part of Fashion Week. Not that you'd know if you read his deceptive press release. Still, while it's reassuring that even the fashion world has lines they aren't willing to cross, you can't blame Kassir for trying.

plastic surgery fashion show

After all, the way a person looks is put under a microscope in the world of haute couture. You have to be tall enough to wear the clothes, you have to be thin enough to wear the clothes, your face has to look just so, and even your skin tone doesn't escape censure. Is it really so outrageous that Dr. Kassir thought Fashion Week would be the best place for him to demonstrate his surgical prowess? If anything, it seems like a logical next step for the fashion community: One stop shopping. 

Do you think the idea of Plastic Surgery Fashion Shows will ever become mainstream?


Image via maxintosh/Flickr; TwitPic

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