Jennie Garth's Pale Skin & Bright Lips Are Bold Perfection -- For Her (PHOTO)

Jennie GarthDammmmnnnn! Peter Facinelli is probably crying into his beer after seeing this photo of his ex-wife Jennie Garth at New York Fashion Week. She took the runway for the Intrepid by AOC event on Tuesday wearing this sexy little number, which more than adequately shows off just how toned and fit she is for a 41-year-old mother of three.

Take a long hard look at her legs! She doesn't have an ounce of cellulite in sight, which is already amazing -- but considering she's not in her 20s anymore? It's next to impossible to pull off. (The whole age thing can be a real bitch sometimes.)


And how gorgeous does her complexion look? I can't lie, I usually find pale skin to be so blah, meh, blech, insert boring and/or unattractive term here.

In my opinion, everyone looks healthier and more beautiful with a little color going on -- but Jennie somehow managed to pull off making pale look like the hottest trend out there. Part of it is because she's a blonde, so there's not a huge contrast between her hair and skin color. But her bold, dark red lips are what really made her face stand out -- and I'm not sure they'd look right if her makeup artist had gotten too happy with the bronzer.

The shade really looks like it was made for her and it complements her overall style perfectly.

OMG. I want to re-create this look in the worst way -- but unfortunately being a non-celebrity work-at-home-mom doesn't exactly offer too many opportunities to get this gussied up. And honestly, even if I did, I highly doubt the combo would work on me. I'm no Jennie. Let's face it -- most of us aren't.

But since she obviously can pull off being pasty and sexy at the same time, she should do all of us a favor and not reserve this look solely for fashion shows going forward. Hey, if we can't look like her, at least we can live vicariously through her.

What do you think of Jennie's pale skin/bold lip combo?


Image via Brian Ach/Getty

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