Beyonce's Makeup-Free Pictures Show There’s No ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ With Her (PHOTOS)

beyonceBeyonce always has a lot going on. I don't mean, like, professionally, because, duh, of course she has a lot going on professionally. I mean, like, appearance-wise. She always has on crazy earrings; 13-inch heels; long, flowing extensions; bright red lips. I mean, one could maybe surmise that perhaps Beyonce isn't as beautiful without all the fancy celeb smoke and mirrors.


Just no.

Queen Bey posted a photo of herself makeup-free and with short(er) hair to her Tumblr recently, and Christ on a stick, this woman is gorgeous. Like, I'm almost confused.


Okay, so the photo is filtered and the keyboard I'm typing on right now would look good filtered, but still. There's no makeup in this pic. No false lashes. No crazy hairdos or elaborate outfits. Just Beyonce. And come on, people, she really is so beautiful. Why is someone so talented and rich also so beautiful?!!

I'm kind of embarrassed for myself that I ever thought Beyonce may have been a smoke and mirrors kind of lady. Clearly, she's not. And if you feel that the photo above is still a little too posey and perfect lighting-y to be considered natural and "makeup-free", I'd like to present you with this:



What do you think of Queen Bey?


Images via Beyonce

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