Nina Dobrev’s Bold and Fiery Looks Make Her Fashion’s Newest ‘It’ Girl

nina dobrevIf you didn't know who Nina Dobrev was when the summer started, you certainly know who she is now. You don't even have to be addicted to The Vampire Diaries to recognize her inimitable face. A quick jaunt for candy and a neck pillow at your neighborhood pharmacy is all it takes to familiarize yourself. Because the girl is on the cover of every magazine these days.

Cosmo? Check. Variety? Done. It's time for total Dobrev domination. Hey, that's catchy. Nina, should you ever pick up amateur wrestling as a hobby, you have my blessing to use that as your catchphrase. Not that she'll have time for new hobbies in the immediate future.


Nina's adding another magazine cover to her roster of awesome. This month she'll be appearing on People Style Watch. It's appropriate, because the girl rocks some pretty major looks, in magazines as well as life. I mean, did you see her on Cosmo? Girlfriend wore head to toe plaid and made it look easy. That's no small feat. Nina's signature color? Red. The woman is no shrinking violet -- she's all about the bold!

Fans of her show can already attest to Nina's acting chops. It's nice to see more people taking interest in her for this and for her killer fashion sense. From what we've seen, Nina's on the fast track to become fashion's latest 'It' girl. Sorry, Blake Lively. Aw, I'm being mean to Blake Lively for no reason. Whatever, she's got Ryan Reynolds, she'll be fine.

Would you take fashion advice from Nina Dobrev?

Image via Dimitrious Kambourus/Getty

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