Rihanna's Blue Lipstick Is Beyond Hideous Yet We Can't Look Away (PHOTO)

RihannaSooooo, yeah -- Rihanna wore blue lipstick to enjoy a meal out at a restaurant in London, proving once again that she's not afraid to take risks when it comes to her appearance. (Remember the red leopard print jumpsuit? Maybe it's better if you don't.)

I know blue makeup really isn't anything new, but most women who dare to attempt it wear it in the form of eye shadow, eye liner, or mascara. They don't slap it on their lips because blue lips aren't typically associated with anything positive.

And I guess this isn't really all that out of character for Ri-Ri -- but I can't help but wonder what she was trying to achieve with this particular look.


Maybe she was aiming for a hypothermia kinda vibe. You know, like she's so icy cold that her lips turned blue and now she needs someone to warm them back up again. (That could work on some dudes.)

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Or perhaps she's allergic to shellfish and wanted to dine on lobster that evening so she figured she'd go ahead and make the swollen lip thing a fashion statement. Then no one would notice if she suddenly broke out in hives during the meal.

Oh wait -- I know! She has a strange affinity for all things Smurfs and figured aiming for a Smurfette look was fun, new -- and would definitely turn people's heads. (And inspire them to blog about her crazy lips.)

Hmm. The possibilities are endless here. But if nothing else, at least the blue lipstick drew some attention away from that see-through top she's wearing. Sheer fabrics seem way less risqué when people can't take their eyes off your face.

What do you think of Rihanna's blue lips?


Image via Splash

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