Nude Models Get Banned, But It's Not for the Reason You Would Think

A billboard ad featuring a gaggle of naked women was recently banned in Australia, but it wasn’t because the models were showing too much skin. Nope, it’s because those chicks weren’t smiling. You know, because when most people see a picture of naked women grouped together, their faces are the first thing they notice.

In skincare company Ella Bache’s original ad, the unsmiling women were pressed against each other, with legs and arms strategically placed to cover up the naughty bits. Although all the women are all beautiful with seemingly flawless light skin, the tagline read: Skin Solutions As Individual As You Are. But whatever.


An agency called the Outdoor Media Association, which monitors billboard advertising in the country, had bigger problems with it. They said the ad was inappropriate and wouldn’t fly -- not because the women were cuddling nekkid together -- but because “serious facial expressions increased the sexual overtones of the image.”

Got it. Nude women smiling are acceptable, but nude women staring into space are way too sexy. Or something.

Even stranger, in this writer’s opinion, is that Outdoor Media Australia’s chief executive Charmaine Moldrich said that the serious faces didn’t properly reflect female empowerment. She said that the somber women “could be interpreted as being sexualized and saying ‘look at me in my nudity.’”

Because nothing says female empowerment like being naked on a billboard to be ogled -- and smile darn it, because you’re happy about it!

Honestly, I don’t have too much of an opinion on the ad one way or another. Everything is pretty much covered that needs to be covered, and skincare companies have been using ads showing a lot of female skin for a long time because let’s face it, it works.

But it’s ridiculous to say that the smiling naked ladies are less sexy than the ones that don’t look so happy.

Then again, maybe you’re not fully dressed unless you smile.

Do you think smiling faces make naked women any less sexy?

Image via .mw/Flickr

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