Mama June Reveals Beauty Secret That May Disgust Even Her Most Loyal Fans

On tonight's one-hour season finale of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, we'll get to witness Mama June and Sugar Bear finally say "I do" in a commitment ceremony that is months in the making. Judging by the sneak peek trailers, shiny pink lip gloss will be worn, Honey Boo Boo will look absolutely adorable in a totally age-appropriate fuchsia flower girl dress, and Mama June will demonstrate for us all how she shaves her neck in preparation for her nuptials.

Come again?!


In this clip, daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon is shown helping mom prep for the ceremony (in which she dons a camouflage dress) and says quite nonchalantly, "Mama still hasn't shaved her neck hairs for the commitment ceremony. And I think I'm gonna help her with that so we can check it off the list." 

Pumpkin then proceeds to gently glide a razor along mom's neck as if she's familiar with the procedure. No biggie. 

Part of me wants to shout across the screen at Mama June to put down that razor, which is only going to create stubble and ingrown hairs, and get herself to decent electrolysis spa -- many of which exist in Georgia -- pronto. I understand the family may not have a ton of money, and I respect Mama's couponing and budgeting efforts, but $20 for 15 minutes is well worth the money, right?

But then another part of me totally respects Mama June for showing us who she really is and sharing a secret about women's facial hair with millions of viewers that most of us would never -- not in our most vivid nightmares -- ever whisper to a soul. 

So there you go. For better or worse, Mama June has made a female secret quite public. Many will argue that women's beauty secrets are best kept hidden so as to preserve a little feminine mystery. 

What do you think about Mama June's unapologetic public shave? Does it serve as a great inspiration for women who deal with facial hair, or would you prefer it be kept private? 


Image via TLC

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