7 Drool Worthy Looks for ‘Moms’ Only (PHOTOS)

STRUTFashion Week is in full swing in NYC right now, and while it's filled with gorgeous designs, a lot of the clothes can feel out of reach to the average woman, for a variety of reasons, the two biggest being the prices and the fact that everything is modeled by 10-foot-tall, size 0 models! One show that's totally different is STRUT, "The Fashionable Mom Show," which launched last fall at Lincoln Center. Co-founded by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein of THE MOMS, it's the first runway show where the models are all moms.

The show strives to present moms of all shapes and sizes, and focuses on affordable fashion for a diverse audience. It's a pretty cool concept, even though it does strike me as a leeetle bit odd to single out moms ...


I mean, just because I'm a "mom" doesn't mean I need some special kind of fashion, does it? But on the other hand, I love that they are focusing on making fashion relatable and accessible, and I do concede that it's really easy to feel frumpy when you're a mom, by default! In terms of bringing diversity to Fashion Week, I'd say it's a real step in the right direction.

Ok, now let's look at the outfits! Here are my favorite styles (all of which are available now at the retailers listed) ...

What do you think of the "all mom" fashion show concept? Which look do you like the most?

Image credit: Jerritt Clarke

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