Kristen Stewart's 'Bald Spot' Must Have a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

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Kristen StewartYikes! Wait until you see these photos of Kristen Stewart's hair loss. At least that's what it looks like based on the fact that her scalp is noticeably visible underneath her brown locks.

Even though she's only 23, she does appear to have a bit of a bald spot, which could be attributed to a number of different causes. Maybe she's deficient in a few nutrients? Or maybe she's been overdoing it with the heat styling tools lately. (Nah, that can't be.) It's also possible that she could be shedding her strands because she's experiencing so much stress after breaking up with Robert Pattinson -- though she really doesn't strike me as the type to let a split make her so anxious that it causes her hair to fall out.

Whatever the case, Kristen might want to think about trying a different hairstyle on for size for the time being, or at least not parting her hair so far over on one side of her head. If she went down the middle instead or only slightly over to one side or the other, it might do wonders as far as hiding the bald patch goes.

And yes, there's always a chance that she's not losing her hair -- it's just this particular style that's making it appear as though she has a bare spot going on. Everyone's hair falls differently when it's worn certain ways, so maybe this is nothing more than a very unfortunate optical illusion.

Regardless, it might not be a bad idea for KStew to head to the salon and change up her 'do a little bit to something a little more flattering. Or if she's not up for a drastic change, perhaps keeping her locks pulled back in a ponytail for the time being is a good option -- at least until whatever's going on with her lack of hair in certain areas works itself out.

Do you think Kristen is losing her hair or is this just an unflattering hairstyle?


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Tammy Camacho

omg its the way her hair is parted stupid people i swear cant you people just leave her alone.....

nonmember avatar mrst

I am not her biggest fan,but really leave it out! This aint news

Caryn Burton

Can you please, for the love of all that is holy, stop posting stories about Kristen under your heading of Robert Pattinson News... EVEN IF they were still a couple, this story would have nothing to do with him.  As they are no longer together, it has even less to do with him.  You have a Kristen Stewart News tag/heading.  Use it!

Jennifer Stricklin

I agree with Caryn ... I follow Rob's news not "KStew" I could really care less about her ...

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

who gives a shit about disgusting Rob Pattison..has he even showered lately?  I am so glad she is away from him.  She is smiling so much more!  He is such disgusting garbage.

nonmember avatar Elsa

Wow that's not a bald spot! It's just how hey hair is parted!! Seriously this is not news! I'm sure there are more important things to talk about then Omg someone may or may not be balding.

ollie... olliespunkma

Its jist the part havent you ever looked at a head before if you part your hair scalp shows

Rachael Adams-Truitt

omg this is a slap yourself in the face moment ppl are so stupid her hair is parted shes not balding and if she was who cares


Crystal Lynn Butler

Whoever writes these articles.. well they aren't very good. Her hair is parted down the side! It's def. NOT 'balding'.

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