Britney Spears Is Hotter Than Ever in Tiny Turquoise Bikini (PHOTO)

Britney SpearsHoly hot mama! Just wait until you see this photo of Britney Spears' insane bikini body, which she tweeted out to her followers as a means of showing off showing just how hard she's worked to whip herself back into amazing shape.

In typical Britney fashion, she captioned the picture with "#WorkBitchDay2" -- as "Work Bitch" is the name of the song she was shooting the video for. (Damn. Girl loves the word "bitch.")

But forget about the title of the song for a second -- let's get back to discussing how ridiculous her figure is, in the best way possible, of course.

Oh wait -- you need to see it first before we can ooh and ahh over it together.


Here ya go:

Britney Spearsk bikini

Good GRIEF -- is Brit toned from head to toe or what?!? Usually when I see another celeb mom posing in a bikini looking all skinny and cellulite-free, I kind of roll my eyes (in a combination of envy and disgust). I try and convince myself that they look that way because they have personal trainers and nutritionists at their beck and call.

But the thing that's so impressive about Britney's bod is that she's not rail thin. She's muscular, healthy, and fit, and it's obvious that she's put a lot of effort into achieving such a strong and sculpted physique.

I'm sorry, but you don't get a body like this by hitting the drive-thru a few times a week and sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and sucking back sodas. It's obvious that Brit has really cleaned up her entire lifestyle -- to the point where she's really an awesome representation of a real mom's body, or at least a mom who eats right, works out several times a week, and keeps the partying to a bare minimum.

Oh, and how cute is that bikini? Love the color. And it's sexy without being too skimpy, which is pretty cool.

Hmm. Maybe Britney should think about changing the title of this song to "Work It Bitch" instead of just "Work Bitch."

It seems to suit the whole vibe she's putting out better, don't you think?

Are you impressed with Britney's bikini figure?


Images via Splash/Twitter

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