28-Year-Old Spends $31K to Look Like a 46-Year-Old

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Remember that poor Ukrainian woman who spent a fortune on plastic surgery to look like Barbie? Well, now she has a Pamela Anderson wannabe to commiserate with.

A 28-year-old from Liverpool named Carolyn Anderson has shelled out $31,000 to look like the 46-year-old  former Baywatch star.

I don't know which part of the story is more shocking and sad. The fact that this young woman was so unsatisfied with herself to begin with or the fact that her idea of perfection is ... someone who has also had a fair amount of alteration.

The transformation has been difficult and painful. Let's just say, super-sized breast implants and intense tanning beds don't mix. But in spite of painful complications, according to The Daily Mail, she's got another procedure planned and has no intention of stopping.

The finishing touch on Carolyn's makeover will be the barbed wire tattoo that Pam has on her left bicep.

Honestly, the tattoo is the least of it. In addition to the Botox and lip fillers, Carolyn regularly injects herself with the untested tanning drug Melanotan II and spends up to 15 hours a week in a tanning bed.

"I'll admit it -- I'm hooked," says Carolyn, "I'm what they call tanorexic. But I couldn't live without a tan -- it's a part of who I am. And I wouldn't leave the house without one."

The reported side effects of Melanotan II include high blood pressure, panic attacks, depression, and, clearly, skin cancer. But Carolyn remains entirely unconcerned.

Then there's this: On two occasions, the DD implants she got back in 2004 actually burst under the heat of the lamps. She's undergone seven operations to repair them!

So, if I understand this correctly, Carolyn is literally putting her life at risk in order to achieve her idea of beauty.

But -- here's the thing -- is it really her idea? I've always viewed Pam Anderson and her "look" (i.e., unrealistic proportions, bleach blonde big hair) as a guy's idea of what a woman should look like. Not a woman's idea.

And when women do give '90s-era Pam a nod -- for example, Kristen Bell has been filming a comedy called Lifeguard where she wears a red one-piece a la C.J. Parker -- it's more in an ironic, joke's-on-you kind of way.

Apparently there are enough guys out there, at least in Liverpool, who see what Carolyn sees, though. She is currently making a living as 'Scouse Pammie' (Scouse is slang for Liverpudlian) and has an agent for look-alike work.

It's not all about the outside, says Carolyn, who fell in love with her idol from watching Pam and co. prance in the surf and kinda/sorta rescue people on Baywatch.

"She has charisma and intrigues people," says Carolyn. "That's what I love and want to emulate."

What do you think of Carolyn's extreme measures?

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Eric Walker

There are worse role models a woman can have than Pam Anderson.  She's not particulary promiscuious (although, aside from the fact that I can't stand Taylor Swift because it seems like she's working her way through the entire entertainment industry, I really don't care if a woman is promiscuious.  Guys do it and it's no big deal.  I don't see why it's any different for the opposite gender, but I'll hop off my soap box and get back too the point at hand), she's an independent woman who doesn't need to rely on a man to finance her life, she's raising two boys who, by all accounts, are normal and well adjusted young men, and she's had a career that spans four decades (1989–2013).  All in all, she's accomplised quite a lot for someone who isn't exactly priased for her acting prowess.  As I said, there are worse role models a woman can have than Pamela Anderson. 

Vanessa Poholek Fasanella

This is beyond sad. Whoever is helping her pay for surgery or performing said surgery should stop now.

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