Kristen Stewart Wears a Hat With a Really Vulgar Word on it -- Wow, She's Cool! (PHOTO)

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kristen stewartKStew, KStew, KStew. What the hell are you wearing atop your head? Oh, just a black cap with the words "Those M*thafuckas" emblazoned on it? Cool! Nothing says "I'm edgy and I don't give shih tzu" like a trucker hat with swear words on it. You rebel!

I typically love Kristen Stewart's edgy, tom boyish style. But this hat is just idiotic. I mean, if you've had a few drinks and you want to put it on at a party before the lampshade goes on, I get that. Been there. But wearing it out in public, literally as part of your outfit, when you're a role model and an idol for girls between the ages of 9 and 13? Wack.

I went to Urban Outfitters recently, and I was stunned at the amount of clothing that had the words "fuck", "shit", or "ass" on it. I mean, I know I'm in my 30s and have a kid, but ... is this really cool now, guys? I'm all for a hipsteresque style and will probably be buried in skinny jeans, but this is something I just can't wrap my head around. I honestly think it's just ... stupid. (Although, I admit, the t-shirt with the middle finger and the finger pointing will always hold a special place in my heart.)

Kids and KStews these days, you guys. What the fuck is their problem?

What do you think of KStew's hat?


Image via Splash News

kristen stewart


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Laurissa Lynn Hadrava

Leave her alone. it's her mistakes, her problem... just leave her alone.

Caryn Burton

And cue the line of mislead worshipers and Krisbians who are going to flay you alive for saying anything negative about their queen. She could drown puppies and curse out old ladies in front of them and they would talk about how put upon she is by the media she continues to engage with shit like this.  She's a spoiled, selfish, immature brat who grows more spoiled and more immature by the day.  You're supposed ot grow up, Kristen, not down. 

nonmember avatar Judy

Leave kristen stewart the f*ck alone ppl

nonmember avatar Lauren

Leave her alone!! Geez!!! I've heard a lot about her and I'm sick of it!! I've loved her ever since the Messengers!! Let her be!! It's her mistake let her live with it

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

Apparently Kristen doesn't think this is wrong.....well it is if you're trying to move on like an adult! She's 23? Ugh, I hate to see it when she's 30 something! Kristen, grow up dear. You're better than that, and besides, gentlemen wish to date mature women, not high school girl images.

Blessy de los Reyes

just gave her a break and try to understand her situation....

nonmember avatar Michey

I like the hat! I think it's cool!

Crystal Reavis

What she wears makes no difference to me. I am neither a fan nor a hater of her, I just wish she would smile once in a while. She would look prettier if she would just smile. 

Carmen Mayes Tate

She can wear whatever she wants. I've seen worse on people that aren't famous and no one says anything about.

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