Jennifer Lawrence's New Dior Ads Are Stunningly Stripped Down (PHOTOS)

jennifer lawrence 2013 oscarsJennifer Lawrence has a life outside of being only one of the most talented, feted actress in Hollywood right now ... and it requires her to wear designer swag in front of famous photographers' lenses. Yep, I'm talkin' 'bout her gig as a model for the Miss Dior campaign. Back in February, she appeared in ad photos semi-hiding her face and wearing a cage veil. It was chic, sophisticated, haute couture, a little Lady Gaga-ish ... but not very JLaw-ish.

This time around, however, the campaign is way more suited to the actress and really showcases her natural beauty. 

Check it out ...


 jennifer lawrence miss dior

 jennifer lawrence miss dior autumn/fall lookbook

Photographed for the Autumn/Winter 2013 lookbook by famed photographer Willy Vanderperre, Jennifer appears totally fresh-faced, seemingly makeup-free ... Though if you look closely, you can see hints of barely there eye shadow, liner, maybe a bit of lip gloss. But still, it's overall shockingly un-"painted" and trussed-up. As she's openly admitted, I'm sure they used a bit of PhotoShop to smooth over any slight blemishes, but they must've used a light hand, because Jennifer looks like ... herself!

And with the exception of the posh gray peacoat and Dior chain-link purse, she looks like she could be any 23-year-old on any old day. Is that what they were going for? Or did they just want to let Jennifer be Jennifer? Maybe she made a play to keep the campaign dressed-down. Either way, I'm a big fan of this approach. It really goes to show gobs of lipstick, eyeliner, and extreme airbrushing aren't necessary to create a look that's gorgeous or glam. Quite often, straightforward and simple can be even more beautiful -- especially when it's what best reflects your personal style.

What do you think about JLaw's new campaign?


Images via Jennifer Deering Davis/Wikimedia & Dior

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